Word Bank Universal – Chrome Extension

Don Johnston Inc., the creator of the popular reading and writing support software Co:Writer, has taken the plunge into the world of Google Chrome extensions. This is not surprising, considering other reading and writing software such as Read&Write by texthelp and Microsoft Office have done the same. Extensions are a trend that are not going anywhere. As more and more professionals…
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Brighter Light Isn’t Always Better!

Task Lighting is local and close lighting used for longer durations during a specific activity.  Some task lighting activities can include writing checks, reading a book, reading the mail, and sewing or needlework.  Proper lighting is fundamental to vision especially for low vision users.  Good lighting all depends on brightness, contrast and color and will vary person to…
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Claro ScanPen App: Another Tool For Reading!

We are so lucky now with the bevy of apps available to scan in text and have it read aloud such as with the KNFB reader and Prizmo apps.  I guess I am a little spoiled, though, because now I want more!! I have many clients who would like to be able to see the document in its original format and…
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Jeff Pederson


ASSISTIVE is pleased to announce that Jeff Pederson has joined the staff as Chief Executive Officer. He has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the staff, programs, expansion, and execution of the mission for ASSISTIVE. Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Valley City State University and worked toward his MBA at Minnesota…
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Echo Dot Makes phone calls Alexa makes calls

Amazon Echo: Make A Call

For about a year, the Assistive staff has been writing blog series on the Amazon Echo.  The most recent featured blog was on “Ask My Buddy” application for Echo users.  By now, if we haven’t convinced individuals that the Amazon Echo is a powerful assistive technology (AT) device, one of their newer features will! Not too long ago, Amazon…
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