Myron with his Screen reading Softwre

Possibilities For Myron!


Thanks to the Possibilities Fund, Myron, a ND resident, is now learning to use a computer again after many years with his new screen reading software.  He is legally blind and needs this software in order to “see” his computer.  ASSISTIVE helped Myron learn what assistive technology was available to help him achieve his goals.  He was able to try different types of software to see which one he liked best and find the funding, training, and set-up necessary to meet his goal of using the computer independently again. Myron tells of his experience in the video above.

Giving Hearts Day is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, 2018.  We are asking you to mark your calendar and help us make the Impossible Possible for those with disabilities in need of assistive technology-just like Myron!

Donating on Giving Hearts Day is easy! Simply go to and follow the easy instructions. By visiting the website ahead of time, you can sign up to receive a calendar reminder on Giving Hearts Day ensuring that you don’t miss this exciting day of giving.

Together we can brighten the future of our seniors and community members with disabilities through life-changing, life-saving assistive technology devices and services.

All funds raised during Giving Hearts Day will go directly towards the Possibilities Grant Program.  Individuals who are affected by a disability and/or aging often have expenses that are above and beyond what insurance and other funding programs will cover. This is where the Possibilities Grant Program steps in. With the funds raised through Giving Hearts Day and our fall fundraiser, we’ve been able to purchase vision and hearing equipment, computer access tools, vehicle modifications, and communication devices for people who are eligible to receive funds.